Do I need to be an experienced cook?

Our cooking classes are open to everybody. We have had everyone from children as young as 5 years old to chefs de cuisine participate in our workshops before. All you need to be is just willing to enjoy the experience.

What are your class sizes?

Minimum 3 and maximum 14 but our average class size is only 7-8 persons.  We allow bigger class sizes during the high seasons but generally we prefer to keep the classes smaller and the mood intimate to ensure that everyone receives sufficient personal attention. For private courses and Team Building sessions we can cater for 25+. Please contact us here regarding these to tailor a personal package.

Is there a vegetarian course?

There is no specific course for vegetarians, as yet. However, the recipes we teach are very versatile and can be adapted to accommodate vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian diets.

Will we be able to recreate what we’ve learned back home?

Of course you will. Although, some ingredients may not be available, we will inform you of suitable substitutions as well as other useful techniques and tips to ensure you can cook Thai food back home successfully. We also offer to all of our students some ongoing email support if they need it.

Is the course hands-on?

Yes. Our courses are completely hands-on. Students get to prepare and cook all the dishes themselves. All classes are never more than 10 students to ensure adequate personal attention. Our average class size is 7.

Can we choose the dishes we like?

We have at least 3 set menus that we rotate throughout the week. We don’t have a set schedule per se, so if you book early we can likely accommodate your chosen menu on your preferred date. We also have private classes available where the menus are much more flexible.

Do we need to bring anything to the class?

Just yourself:) Everything you need will be provided. We just recommend to wear comfortable clothes and not to eat too much for breakfast. A camera will be handy too.

Can my partner come along to just watch or take pictures while I participate in the course?

I’m sorry but as our facilities are not that large and we have limited places available to attendees this is not possible. We also feel it’s not particularly fair to the others attending the class. Your partner is very welcome to join also though. You will be surprised how easy (and fun) it is to learn to cook delicious Thai food.

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