About Us

Chatchai Market Hua HinBeau, the chief instructor and owner, has a passion for cooking Thai cuisine and has been around it her entire life.  She grew up helping and learning at her parents humble restaurant on the outskirts of Bangkok.  Later she spent some time in a 5 star hotel kitchen and now she very much enjoys passing on her knowledge and passion to all of our students.

Our fully equipped kitchen and cooking stations offers a clean, safe and enjoyable environment.  Learn how to select ingredients, prepare, cook and present your own Thai culinary masterpiece.  Our team has shared Tom Yum Goongtheir insights and knowledge of Thai cuisine with thousands of satisfied students over the years.

For each dish you will firstly discuss it, next you will watch a demonstration and then cook your own.  Finally you will sit down to enjoy it while it is hot and the process is fresh in your mind.  This is the time to make some extra notes and discuss the dish with your classmates.

We like to think that our classes are not only a day of just learning.  Of course that is paramount and we take great care to ensure that the workshops we provide are of the highest quality.  But we also try to create an informal atmosphere where the day is about fun, meeting new people and is an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy lives.

We are also offering Team Building sessions and Private Parties.  Follow the links to find out more about them.  And as of May 2015 we have undertaken a major renovation that will provide bigger and more professional cooking stations.  It will also now allow us to manage larger groups.  We figured it was time to grow a little bit..  but don’t worry, we are very conscious of retaining the same atmosphere that has made us successful.