Cooking tips and Tidbits

Lemongrass & Pandan Tea

At all of our Thai cooking classes we now are making fresh lemongrass and pandan leaf tea.  It is healthy, delicious, calming and prepares the palate for a day of eating your delectable creations.  It will be served both hot and cold and is free to all participants of our classes.  The health benefits of both ingredients gives more than enough cause to drink this lovely tea:   Lemongra

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Vegetarian Chili Paste

This is a very good vegetarian chili paste (on the left).  We use it all the time and happily recommend it.  It contains no shrimp or shrimp paste or any preservatives or MSG.  It can be used as a seasoning/flavouring for most any Thai vegetarian dish and we use it specifically in vegetarian/vegan versions of Tom Yum soup.  It is the same manufacturer as the Chili Paste that we use for non-veg

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We are in the midst of the renovations to our cooking school right now.  When complete we will have a brand new kitchen / workstation area that will provide more space for each workstation.  We will also be able to cater for larger groups when necessary. We will be finished phase 1 by the 26th of May and will re-open on the 27th.  Phase 2 which will be later in the year will mostly be cosmet

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